Concept of operations

Defence Estates of Finland is an expert and service organisation of the Defence Administration in the property and environment field, supporting the Defence Forces and military national defence under all circumstances 

Superioity factors:

Familiarity with the needs of military national defence

The Construction Establishment is familiar with the defence properties and their special requirements, which are based on the development and changes in the environmental requirements of the Defence Forces’ organisation and operations, ways of warfare, weapons technology, and military operations.


Maintaining preparedness and security

The preparedness arrangements of the property operations of the Defence Administration are carried out as fixedly as possible, based on the operations in normal conditions. Accordingly, the Construction Establishment of the Defence Administration is responsible for the construction, maintenance, and energy management of the facilities and structures of the Defence Forces even in emergency conditions. The Construction Establishment has agreements with the Defence Forces regarding wartime economy, security, and services in emergency conditions. The preparedness is maintained through annual exercises in cooperation with the Defence Forces.


Services suitable for defence properties and special expertise

Defence Estates of finland arranges services for the Defence Forces which are economically and operationally optimised from the market or as internal production, in accordance with the unified operating model. The property services on the market are integrated to national defence even in normal conditions with help of the extensive networking of the Construction Establishment. The internal service production and special expertise ensure the competence and continuity of operations required by preparedness and security in strategically significant sites.


Life cycle competence

In cooperation with property owners, the Construction Establishment of the Defence Administration offers the Defence Forces a continuous service chain in which the client receives a building planned, constructed, and maintained by the same expert. This means that even during the planning phase, the Construction Establishment can take into consideration the property management and maintenance operations and estimate the reasonability of the life cycle costs of the property.