Customer Support Centre


The Finnish Defence Forces operate approximately 2.6 million square metres of facilities, the maintenance of which is generally coordinated from a single location. The Customer Support Centre of the Construction Establishment of Finnish Defence Administration receives service requests and notices of defects 24 hours a day. The electronic service and maintenance ERP system in place is the most extensive real estate maintenance system in Finland.

The technical systems enable the Customer Support Centre to monitor the operation of the building technology, promote the energy-efficient use of the premises and observe the indoor air conditions 24/7 throughout the entire country.

Service requests are made through the Customer Support Centre’s portal, from which the notifications are quickly and flexibly directed to the relevant property expert for action. One of the advantages of electronic service requests is that the notifier receives information via e-mail about the progress of the correction.

The Customer Support Centre serves the Construction Establishment's customers at a 24/7 hotline at number 0299 83 1900 for real estate service issues and notices of defects. In other cases, contacts should be made through the switchboard at number 0299 8300.