Development Services

The Real Estate Development sector of the Construction Establishment of Finnish Defence Administration is responsible for administrative development tasks and expert and special tasks related to construction projects. We provide the Finnish Defence Forces with usability reports for military areas and requirement reports for construction projects, Senate Properties with project plans and developer services, and the other central government with development and expert services under a separate agreement. We act as a developer consultant for Senate Properties in defence and security sector projects. 

The development services cover the entire life cycle of construction projects from the project preparation stage up to the beginning of the maintenance phase. Familiarity with the practices of both user and owner provides the basis for optimising the functional and technical life cycle of the building. Knowledge of the current building stock and areas also supports users and owners during the requirements analysis and feasibility study phases. 

The Real Estate Development sector of the Construction Establishment is staffed by approximately 20 construction professionals: architects, construction, HVAC and electrical engineers as well as project secretaries. The technical staff lead the requirements analysis, feasibility study and implementation planning as well as the actual construction phase; they also act as HVAC experts. The technical staff of the Construction Establishment’s regional service units are responsible for the construction and HVAC supervision on the construction sites; on a case-by-case basis, they may also lead the construction phase. The service units also handle smaller-scale annual repair projects, separate orders of the Finnish Defence Forces and the small investments of Senate Properties; they are also responsible for the maintenance of the completed buildings.
The Real Estate Development sector is responsible for the development of major new construction and renovation projects and network projects in the whole of Finland with the exception of Åland. The total annual cost estimate of the approximately 70 to 100 construction projects at different stages of completion is approximately EUR 300–500 million.
The operations focus on the renovation and modernisation of the special sites of the Defence Administration, the barracks of the readiness brigades and public buildings. 



Building construction

In building construction, the competence of the Real Estate Development sector covers garrison planning from the land use and zoning level to individual building types and the development of international peacekeeping and crisis management sites. 

The implementation of the projects is supported by familiarity with the Defence Administration’s operational processes, building stock, building technology and its capabilities, as well as the technical systems needed by the Finnish Defence Forces. Knowledge of space use solutions helps make economic choices. In order to meet the specific characteristics and performance requirements, the Construction Establishment has developed specialised expertise with a long-term view. In addition to the general technical safety and security requirements, the buildings used by the Finnish Defence Forces are subject to technical safety and security requirements caused by the operations, material and equipment of the Finnish Defence Forces, which are often more stringent than the general ones. 




Protective construction

The expertise in protection construction is based on international cooperation and established information channels with a focus on the Nordic countries. The Construction Establishment is the only expert organisation in our country that is familiar with the elimination or limitation of weapon effects on buildings, structures, systems and functions. The expertise requires knowledge of weapons technology, intelligence methods, technical systems of protective buildings, design criteria and methods, and the requirements of the Finnish Defence Forces.
Special expertise has also been developed for structural safety and security of premises. Structural security means the protection of functions and data against weapon effects and intelligence, and security of premises means protection against unauthorised capture of data.