Environmental policy

The operations of the Construction Establishment of Finnish Defence Administration have a direct and indirect impact on the environment. Effective environmental management creates the preconditions for our socially and economically sustainable operations. 

Our goal is to design, develop, maintain and repair the real estate that is our responsibility in an environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient, sustainable and innovative manner at all stages of the real estate life cycle. In the target state, the environmental impacts are known, they are monitored systematically, and the minimisation of harmful effects is actively pursued.

Working for a safe and diverse environment and for the responsible use of natural resources and sustainable development is part of the duties of every employee of the Construction Establishment. An environment-positive attitude, the prevention of harm, the responsible management of the problems caused and national and international cooperation are key elements in our operational culture. The establishment’s management sets the common target level. 

The environmental management of the Construction Establishment is based on the principles of the central government’s environmental responsibility, the Ministry of Defence's Real Estate and Environmental Strategy 2030, the Finnish Defence Forces’ Environmental Protection Plan for the years 2011-2015, and the requirements of the law and public authorities. 

We take environmental considerations into account in our decision-making process and in our operations to the extent permitted by the operational conditions. In the future, we will have defined environmental goals and indicators for environmental impact monitoring in the environmental strategy of the Construction Establishment and the sector-specific action programmes. Updating these goals forms a part of the strategy process. Our goals have been integrated into our policies and procedures created in accordance with the principles of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. We are developing environmental responsibility actively, methodically and persistently in line with the principle of continuous improvement. 

We are developing our operations and services in close cooperation with the Ministry of Defence and the Finnish Defence Forces, as well as with the stakeholders of the Finnish Defence Administration. We also implement the environmental goals for our service providers and suppliers, from whom we also require quality assurance and commitment to the environmental goals and environmental protection. We report on the environmental impact of our operations and the results of the environmental work in a public and transparent manner.

Our key environmental goals are:

Fighting climate change

Climate change and fighting it are major societal challenges. In its part, the Construction Establishment aims to implement the objectives of reducing the central government’s greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the use of renewable energy sources. Energy procurement is aimed at minimising production emissions. The goal of the development of our own energy production is to use renewable energy sources.

Solutions and procedures that reduce the energy consumption of real estate during its life cycle are developed for new construction, renovation, change of purpose, maintenance and use of real estate. The Construction Establishment is committed to the Energy Efficiency Agreement for Facilities (TETS), an operational programme for energy efficiency under the Energy Services Directive.


Promoting materials efficiency

Solutions that reduce the consumption of natural resources and materials over the life cycle of the real estate are developed for the new construction, renovation, change of purpose, maintenance and use of real estate. Buildings, structures and networks are maintained in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

Procurement policy is developed with the goal of sustainable use of natural resources and the reduction of waste.
The waste management of the Construction Establishment’s own and maintained premises and real estate is developed in accordance with the objectives of the National Waste Plan.


Creating a healthy living environment

Environments and facilities that are healthy and safe to their users are designed, implemented and maintained. Special attention will be paid to the protection of groundwater and waterways, indoor air quality, hygiene and the use and management of hazardous chemicals.  


Increasing the environmental awareness of staff and stakeholders

Staff is provided with environmental training in the manner and level required by their duties. Training and instructional materials will be provided to real estate users to promote the environmentally friendly use of real estate. Key issues include the reduction of the use of electricity and thermal energy and the reduction and sorting of waste.