NBDE cooperation forum 


The Nordic-Baltic Defence Networks NBDE is a forum for co-operation between the defence management real estate organisations. 
The cooperation has its roots in the 1970’s, when Norway, Denmark, and Sweden started cooperation (1973). Finland joined the cooperation in 1993. In 2015 the Nordic Cooperation Forum was expanded to the Baltic countries after Latvia and Estonia signed the cooperation agreement together with the Nordic countries. In conjunction with this the name was changed to Nordic-Baltic Defence Estates (earlier Nordic Defence Estates). Now the cooperation covers all the Baltic countries, because in 2017 Lithuania also joined the cooperation as an official member. 

The actual co-operation will be carried out in working groups with different themes, where the sharing of experiences and best practices is seen as useful for all organisations with similar operating environments.

Types of working groups include common meetings in a rotating participant country, online meetings, and workshops around different themes. Currently the active working groups are:

• Benchmarking

• Energy

• Environment

• Acquisitions

• Communication

• GIS (Geographical Information Systems)

Co-operation within the NBDE is based on activities organised in accordance with the annual cycle. The starting year's co-operation is defined in an annual conference that takes place in September. The results of the past year are reviewed in the annual conference and the objectives of the coming year will be grounded and committed to.


The 2015 conference was arranged in Helsinki, Finland:



Links to the partner organisations´web pages: