Real estate maintenance

As an expert organisation, the Construction Establishment provides the Finnish Defence Forces with real estate services for project planning, planning steering, development, maintenance and energy. The room area under the maintenance responsibility of the Construction Establishment is approximately 2.6 million square metres, most of which comprises special properties built for defence purposes, such as barracks, intelligence, surveillance and command facilities, soil-covered explosive storages, messaging stations, and firing ranges and training areas including their structures. A significant part of the premises comprise facilities with a high security and secrecy level, which require special competence from their design, construction and maintenance personnel.

Together with the core functions of the Finnish Defence Forces, the real estate stock used by the Defence Administration constitutes a cohesive whole. The resulting real estate and room data, as well as data on the status of service operations and property surveillance, are utilised in the development of space management, organisation of maintenance, environmental and energy services, forming a situational awareness and contingency planning for exceptional circumstances.

In order to fulfill the special characteristics and performance requirements, the Construction Establishment has developed special competence with a long-term view. In the maintenance sector, special competence has been developed particularly in terms of technical safety and security and real estate data management.



Real estate services

The real estate management services provided by the Construction Establishment to the Finnish Defence Forces include a service portfolio that is more extensive than the general market, such as expert services, scheduled technical maintenance, real estate waste management and special services for the Finnish Defence Forces. Comparability with the market is maintained by cost monitoring with sufficient discernment. Mobile ERP has been introduced, controlled from the Customer Support Centre.


Customer Support Centre

The Finnish Defence Forces operate approximately 2.6 million square metres of facilities, the maintenance of which is generally coordinated from a single location. The Customer Support Centre of the Construction Establishment of Finnish Defence Administration receives service requests and reports of defects concerning defence real estate 24 hours a day. The electronic service and maintenance ERP system in place is the most extensive real estate maintenance system in Finland.


Waste management

The Construction Establishment provides the Finnish Defence Forces with waste management services and is responsible for monitoring waste volumes, for example. The goal is that waste from day-to-day operations is treated in accordance with the Waste Act and the municipal waste management regulations in the best way possible for the environment.


Cleaning services 

The Construction Establishment organises cleaning services for the Defence Administration and its strategic partners, either producing the services itself or as a purchase service, in accordance with the service descriptions agreed upon in the service contract. The cleaning service includes maintenance and basic cleaning services, as well as toiletries and barracks cleaning services. The cleaning area for which the cleaning services are responsible is 1.3 million square metres. The aim is to achieve a cleaning service that is targeted as accurately as possible, has consistent quality, is cost-effective and is sufficient with respect to the usage rate while taking the environmental goals into account. The quality control of the service production uses the INSTA-800 standard (SFS 5994, Technical quality of cleaning).


Technical services

The Construction Establishment plans, implements and supervises the annual renovation, separately ordered and small investment projects of the Finnish Defence Forces’ buildings, outdoor areas and structures in accordance with the annual repair programme. The repairs of building components, HVAC systems and electrical equipment aim at solutions that save energy and water. The choice of materials focuses on longevity, maintainability and life cycle durability. Service providers and suppliers are required to be environmentally positive.


Energy Services

The Construction Establishment is responsible for the energy supply of the Finnish Defence Forces’ real estate: heat, electricity and water, and the maintenance of their networks. The Construction Establishment is committed to developing the energy efficiency of the real estate with the aim of improving the energy efficiency of defence real estate and the cost-effectiveness of energy services while promoting environmental positivity in cooperation with the Finnish Defence Forces. The energy use of buildings is made more efficient by centralised building automation.