Commitment to the shared objectives of the Defence Administration

The Construction Establishment and its entire personnel is committed to working for the shared objectives of the Defence Administration. We support the development and maintenance of the performance of the Defence Forces under normal as well as emergency conditions.


The personnel policy of a good employer

Our aim is a Construction Establishment for everyone. We follow fair, equal, and open personnel policies. We develop the expertise, versatility, and special expertise of our personnel through continuous training and the development of our working methods. We encourage people to do things together.


Responsibility in service production 

The Construction Establishment is responsible for the competitivity and efficiency of its service production. The services are produced according to the quality goals approved of by the Defence Forces, following the principles of responsible service operations and environmental responsibility. The Construction Establishment and its entire personnel act in accordance with the good of the Defence Forces, and keep their statutory and otherwise agreed obligations.


Openness in operations

The Construction Establishment is transparent and open in all of its public operations. We act openly within the organisation, as well as in our relationships with clients and interest groups.


Development drivenness in service operations

We monitor the development of the property and environment field. We invest in research and development. We assess the suitability of new innovations for the defence and security environment. We develop our operations at individual and organisational levels actively.